Catalina Veterans 2024 AGM
The Annual General Meeting for the Catalina Veteran Golfers Section is to be held on Thursday 18-July-2024 at
12pm in one of the coffee shop rooms.

Please use the links in the navigation bar '2024 AGM' to view the agenda and position nomination forms.

2 Positions are vacant for a member representative committee position.

If you are interested in joining the Committee as a Member Representative then please indicate to a current
Committee member your interest or send an email to the address below.

Nominations have been received for all other positions on the Committe, however if you would like to be
considered for any position then please send an email to the address below indicating your name, the position
and a seconder's name.

If you have any questions or matters you wish to raise at the AGM please send the details to the President
at the following email address: